On Campus Housing

Residential Halls (Dormitories)

International students often try to find opportunities to engage with new people and experience new things. Living in residential housing will broaden your experience as an international student. Check out the Housing and Residential Life website for detailed information.

A few benefits to choosing residential housing:

  • Great opportunity to meet new people.
  • Living Learning Communities are almost like homestays in that you are living and involved with people with the same interests as you (ex. Global Studies House, Global Gopher Community).
  • No need to cook. Students are required to purchase meal plans.
  • Practice English!

Residential Apartments

For students who want more space and freedom to arrange their living styles; to get an apartment but still be connected to the University of Minnesota, students choose the residential apartments. There are three apartment buildings that students can choose from: University Village, Yudof Hall, and Roy Wilkins Hall. 

A few benefits to choosing residential apartments:

  • More space
  • More freedom to make it like home
  • You can cook yourself or buy an optional meal plan
  • Open during all breaks and holidays